Erectile Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation, Loss of Libido, Various sexual problems and Male & Female Infertility

Male Infertility :
Like as Oligospermia, Oligozoospermia, Oligospermaesthenia (Poor sperm motility), Oligoasthenospermia and Oligoasthenoteratospermia are the most common type of male infertility.

The man with Poor Sperm Motility, Asthenozoospermia, Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Previous Surgery : Inguinal, Scrotal, Retroperitoneal, Bladder neck, Vasectonomy

Obstructions : Congenital (Aplasia), Vasectonomy, Post-Infective Ejaculatory Disturbances, Spinal Cord Lesions, Sexual Dysfunctions etc.


Female Infertility : Ovulatory disorders are one of the most common cause.
1. Hormonal Problems:- Failure to produce mature eggs, Malfunction of the hypothalamus, Malfunction of the pituitary gland, Scarred Ovaries, Premature menopause, Follicle problems

2. Cause of Poorly Functioning Fallopian Tubes:- Infection, Abdominal diseases, Previous surgeries, Ectopic Pregnancy, Congenital defects

3. Endometriosis

4. Additional Factors:- Other variable that may cause infertility in women, conditions such as fibroid, polyps and adenomyosis may lead to obstruction of the uterus and Fallopian tubes.

5. Behavioral Factors:- Diet and Exercise, Smoking, Alcohol, Drugs

6. Environmental and Occupational Factors:- Lead, Medical treatments and materials, Ethylene Oxide, Dibromochloropropane(DBCP)

And also the followin are treated :
·   Impotence / Erectile Dysfunction
·   Not Attaining Climax / No Orgasm
·   No Intercourse
·   Premature Ejaculation
·   Afraid Of Sex
·   Sexually Transmitted Diseases
·   Infertility
·   Adolescent Counseling
·   Pre Marital Counseling
·   Masturbation
·   Penis Size Problems
·  Lack Of Desire
·   Post Marital Counseling
·   Not Able To Ejaculate
·   Painful Intercourse / Vaginismus
·   Sex Therapy
·   Night Emmission / Sleep Emmission
·   Pain During Attempt & Penetration Not Possible / Vaginismus
·   Not Able To Perform Intercourse
·   Past Bad Experience
·   Loss Of Sex Drive
·   Contraceptives
·   Male Anatomy
·   Female Anatomy

(শীঘ্রপতন,স্বপ্নদোষ, পুরুষত্বহীনতা, ধাতুদুর্বল, কম শুক্র, ছোট লিঙ্গ, বাঁকা লিঙ্গ, সরু লিঙ্গ, সহবাসে অক্ষমতা, শুক্র হীনতা, যেসব মহিলাদের যৌন উত্তেজনা কম থাকে, সাদাস্রাব, বন্ধ্যাত্ব, ছোটোস্তন, ঝোলাস্তন প্রভৃতি যাবতীয় গোপন রোগের ১০০ % গ্যারান্টি দিয়ে চিকিৎসা করা হয় ।)

Success Rate is almost 100%


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Thank you for visiting. This site is intended for helping people regarding their sexual problems / concerns for FREE.


Thank you for visiting. This site is intended for helping people regarding their sexual problems / concerns for FREE. Please Do NOT request for paid on line / direct consultation. The advice / suggestions getting through this website site do NOT substitute the actual physical consultation by your own doctor.